How Does the Early College Academy Work?

Students in the Early College High School at Brackenridge High School with St. Philip’s College will take 9th grade courses at the Pre-AP level in order to increase the rigor and preparedness for college level work.  The students will also be enrolled in the AVID class as additional support for the rigor and college readiness expected in the program.  Students in this program will be afforded all opportunities to participate in any extracurricular activity offered to any 9th grade student at Brackenridge High School.  The students will start obtaining college level credits via dual credit classes their 9th grade year on the high school campus.

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Important Events & Dates

Benefits of the Early College Academy

  • Earn up to 60 college hours at NO COST ($10,000—$30,000 value)
  • Small class size and personalized learning environment
  • College and AP Courses
  • Academic and social support services for student success
  • Increased college readiness
  • Reduced barriers to college access
  • Opportunity to earn college hours that can transfer to a 4-year university
  • Opportunity to join and engage in the clubs and extracurricular activities available at the high school


What Is the Early College High School?

The Early College High School at G.W. Brackenridge High School with St. Philip’s College is partnered with St. Philip’s College.  The focus of the school is to enrich student perspectives on the world through a rigorous curriculum rooted in the ideal of global competence and Liberal Arts studies.  It will serve up to 150 incoming 9th graders from schools in the Brackenridge High School feeder pattern for the 2016-2017 school year. It will also be open to a select number of out-of-district students that qualify. Students will be given the opportunity to start obtaining college credit their 9th grade year. Early College High School students will eventually be given the opportunity to obtain up to 60 college hours by the time they graduate from high school, giving them a jump start on their Baccalaureate degree.



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