21st-Century Workforce Development Programs


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Students and businesses from across the city enjoyed our Brackenridge HS Career Days.  Thanks to everyone who showed their support, and best wishes to those of you who started a new career path!


Broadcast students from the Brackenridge Media Institute “Job Shadowed” in “the Truck”, with the SPURS Fox Sports Southwest Broadcast Crew on March 25, 2016 at the AT&T Center.  The students were able to observe and ask questions of Mike Kickirillo, and they learned about; Instant Replay, Sports Graphics, Advertising, Sports Statistics, Camera Selection, Video Switching and Effects, Timing, Communications and the “behind the scene” interaction between the Producer and the Announcers.


The SkillsUSA teams performed exceptionally well this year. During the April 2nd competition in Corpus Christi, Xavier L., placed 2nd in Graphic sublimation
Anton S., received 3rd in desktop publishing.



The Brackenridge High School JROTC Armed Drill Team and Male Color Guard competed in the Army Nationals JROTC Drill Competition this weekend in Louisville Kentucky. There were 96 teams from across the country competing for ‘TOP 5 HONORS’.
The Brackenridge High School Elite Male Color Guard finished in 5th place.
The Armed Drill Team received 4th place honors in the Exhibition Category.