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Region 11, UIL

Head Football Coach – Willie Hall
Offensive Coordinator – Steve Holick
Defensive Coordinator – Jeff Smith
Asst. Football Coach – Isaiah Robinson
Asst. Football Coach – Reynaldo Cortez
Asst. Football Coach – David Caldwell
Asst. Football Coach – Gilbert Flores
Asst. Football Coach – Desmon Battle
Asst. Football Coach – Charles Boone


Head Boys Basketball Coach – Joseph Isaac

JV Boys Basketball Coach – Ryun Slattery

Asst. Boys Basketball Coach – Joseph Ferguson

Asst. Boys Basketball Coach – Charles Boone

 Cross Country


Head Boys Cross Country Coach – Ryun Slattery

Head Girls Cross Country Coach – Sandra Apolinar



Head Volleyball Coach – Michelle Suarez

Assistant Coach – Alice Darland

Assistant Coach – Steve Brown

Girl’s Basketball

Head Girls Basketball Coach – Tamiko Matthews

Asst. Girls Basketball Coach – Alice Darland

Asst. Girls Basketball Coach – Michelle Suarez

Boy’s Soccer

Head Boys Soccer Coach – Jair Ortiz

Asst. Boys Soccer Coach – Desmon Battle

Asst. Boys Soccer Coach -

Girl’s Soccer

Head Girls Soccer Coach – Juan Sandoval

Asst. Girls Soccer Coach – Ruben Pardo

Asst. Girls Soccer Coach –  Jacob Munoz



Head Swimming Coach – Richard Guerra

Boy’s Track and Field

Head Boys Track & Field Coach – Isaiah Robinson

Asst. Boys Track & Field Coach – Jeff Smith

Asst. Boys Track & Field Coach – David Caldwell

Girl’s Track and Field

Head Girls Track & Field Coach – Sandra Apolinar

Asst. Girls Track & Field Coach – Cassandra Mironczuk

Asst. Girls Track & Field Coach – Ruben Pardo


Head Baseball Coach – Bryan Adams

Asst. Baseball Coach – Steven Holick

Asst. Baseball Coach – Reynaldo Cortez


Head Softball Coach – Steve Brown

Asst. Softball Coach – Alice Darland

Asst. Softball Coach -




Head Tennis Coach – Victoria Shaheen

Asst. Tennis Coach – Charles Emley



Head Golf Coach – Ernesto Hernandez



Head Lacrosse Coach – Nicholas Bradley

Asst. Lacrosse Coach – Jon Moreno

Asst. Lacrosse Coach – Andrew Nahnsen


Athletic Trainer – Dulce Guevara Fat

Athletic Trainer – Jenny Therkelsen