The Entrepreneurship Program at Brackenridge High School is a premier sequence of courses centered on entrepreneurship with a focus in marketing and finance. This is not just program on how to start a business, rather it is designed to enhance students’ abilities to think and act entrepreneurially in all aspects of their lives. Students will develop an understanding of and technical skills in marketing, finance, technology and entrepreneurship in the 21st century global economy. Students in this program will have experiences that include:

- Managing and organizing support functions of business with a focus on marketing and finance

- Applying real world applications to moral and ethical issues that surround business and all areas of life

- Exploring the role of information technology in both local and global perspectives

- Computer operations dealing with high-level business application software, database management, web design and multimedia.

- This program is dedicated to creating informed and empowered consumers and producers contributing to local, national and international communities.

The following educators teach in the program:

Jesus Omar Gallegos
LeAnn Dinsdale
Selma MarrufoJacob Munoz

Course Name 9th 10th 11th 12th
Principles of Business Marketing & Finance (1) X
Money Matters  (1) X X  X
Global Business (1) X X  X
Advertising and Sales (.5) X X  X
Sports Entertainment Marketing (.5) X X  X
Retailing and E-Tailing (.5) X X  X
Virtual Business (.5) X X  X
Web Technologies /Online Marketing (1) X X  X
Entrepreneurship-I/Yearbook  (1) X X  X
Entrepreneurship-II (1) X  X
Marketing Dynamics I (1) X  X
Marketing Dynamics II (1)  X

Our student organization DECA is a critical component to our Entrepreneurship Program. It is co-curricular and provides students with many opportunities to learn leadership, teamwork, citizenship, service learning, professional development and competition. Visit our DECA Page to learn more.


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