Ms. Hanson – Theater Director

What does the “The History of Costume” by Braun & Schneider feature in their (c.1861-1880) publication? What countries are represented in the text? Which major period is represented?


What was specific to the Elizabethan Costumes?


What special costume piece was a major symbol of Greek Theater? How or why was “Tragedy” used to symbolize Greek Theater?


How are historical Asian costumes different from the other countries in the Western world?


What types of undergarments have been used with Theater costumes?


Useful Websites for Costume History:

Fashion of the Centuries

Asian costumes –

Japanese Costume


Timeline creators:

  1. TimeGlider
    TimeGlider helps you create and publish interactive timelines. With this web tool you can also highlight important events by increasing their size compared to other events. Create your zooming/planning interactive timelines with TimeGlider for free!
  2. TimeLine JS
    An open source tool that works on any site or blog allows you to build visually rich, interactive timelines using just a Google spreadsheet. All you have to do is use their template and copy it to your own Google Drive account. Follow the 4 easy steps you will find on TimeLine JS website and you’ll create your free timeline in no time.
  3. TimeToast
    TimeToast is another great tool that allows you to create timelines and share them on the web. It is very easy to learn and use. This ease of use makes it a suitable choice for elementary or middle school students that do not need the advanced editing options other timeline creation tools offer.
  4. Read Write Think
    Read Write Think helps children plan a story or prepare for a special event. Read Write think allows them to create and organize events. Saving capability allows them to come back to unfinished work, or they can share their final timeline with friends and family via email.

Or you can use the PowerPoint Timeline creator

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