G.W. Brackenridge HS
San Antonio ISD

400 Eagleland Dr.
San Antonio TX, 78210
Main Office 210-533-8144 Fax: 210-534-9770


G.W. Brackenridge High School is dedicated to graduating all students as empowered, community-minded, college-ready students who think innovatively, reason logically, and contribute as 21st Century globally-competent citizens.

Mighty Eagle Spotlight

The Eagle Spotlight is brought to you by the Brackenridge Entrepreneurship Program's Yearbook Staff.

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The Brackenridge Cheerleaders have been entered into a contest to get the opportunity to cheer at the Army All American Bowl at the Alamo Dome on Jan 3rd. Please click on the link below and Vote for our very own Mighty Eagle Cheerleaders. http://www.sanantoniosports.org/cheer/

Please vote for Richard Martinez https://www.facebook.com/pages/Great-Day-SA/126495907375910 for the October Ancira All Star Recipients


Monday, October 27 –  Free Dress Day for Juniors for winning spirit stick at last week’s pep rally

Department Chair meeting – 8th period in Principal’s Office

Administrative Team meeting – 4:30 p.m . in Principal’s Office

Choir/Orchestra Performance – 5:30 p.m. in Cafeteria


Tuesday, October 28 –

Deadline to vote for Teacher of the Year – 12 noon (see email from Saturday, 10/25)

ReadiStep Exam for 9th grade

No Cabinet Meeting due to Testing

Leaver Team Meeting – 9:30 a.m. in Principal’s Office

Varsity VB v. Highlands at ACC – 4:30 p.m.; subvarsity games at Highlands beginning at 7 p.m.


Wednesday, October 29 –

ReadiStep makeup exam for 9th grade

10th Grade Advisement Conferences – all day in Multipurpose Room


Thursday, October 30 –

Biology Teacher Pullout – all day at Region XX

Principal’s Coffee – 10 a.m. in Multipurpose Room

City Council Town Hall Meeting – 5:00 p.m. in Mall Area

Haunted House Theater – Auditorium afterschool


Friday, October 31 – Designated Spirit Day and Free Dress Day for Students (no masks or paint on any part of the body)

PEIMS Snapshot Date

HIV Presentation in Auditorium – all class periods


Saturday, November 1 –

Regional Cross Country Meet


11/3 – 11/7 – Homecoming Week
11/3: Twin Day
11/4: Tie Dye Day
11/5: Jinx Day
11/6: Color Day
11/7: Color War Day and Homecoming Dance 7pm-11pm
11/8: Fall Bash


School Procedures


The link below guides you to a new page designed for scholarship, career and employment opportunities for students.

(UPDATED 4/3/14)

Scholarships, Jobs and Careers


G.W. Brackenridge High School is dedicated to graduating all students as empowered, community-minded, college-ready students who think innovatively, reason logically, and contribute as 21st Century globally-competent citizens.


G.W. Brackenridge High School will educate every student to be self-sufficient, strengthen every student to be competitive in all challenges of mind and heart, and nurture every student to value wisdom in a diverse world through multiple pathways that incorporate 21st Century skills, a globally sensitive curriculum and service learning.


Middle Schools
Page MS
Poe MS

Elementary Schools
Bonham ES (PK-8)
Douglass ES
Green ES
Herff ES
Highland Park ES
Japhet ES
Riverside Park ES
Smith ES


We are with you heart and soul
We will fight and win our goal
Ranking high you know why;
Just because you carried through
All those things that are great and good
Brackenridge, here's success to you
BHS, o'er the rest
In the game of life we lead
Fighting fair do-or-dare
Thanks to thee and to thy creed
We will go but we know in a pleasant memory
Will be always within our hearts
Of the days we spent with thee


Onward eagles, onward eagles
Fight right through that line
Circle right around those end boys
Touchdown sure this time! Rah! Rah! Rah!
Tackle down them, hold them, ground them
Now let them free
Onward you eagles onto victory
Fight for the purple and white
Fight! Fight! Fight!


The School (this article was taken from ACCD.edu):

A more amusing anecdote concerns a(nother) San Antonio public high school and–surprisingly– the eighteenth century African-American poetess, Phillis Wheatley. Even though she entered childhood as a slave to a New England merchant family, from whom she took her surname, Wheatley is generally considered one of the most important American poets of the eighteenth century. Her collection of poetry, Poems on Various Subjects, Religious and Moral (1773), was probably the first book by an African-American to be published. As a result of her accomplishment, when the original Brackenridge High School on the city's south side, which had been built in 1919, was replaced with a new structure during the 1970's, the District decided to rename it Phillis Wheatley High School, in honor of the first African-American author. Unfortunately, the name change did not please the close-knit alumni of the original Brackenridge campus, many of whom had attended the old school decades earlier, when that area of town was a prominent middle-class neighborhood. They simply wanted to hold on to the prominent local name with which they identified their high school traditions of years past. Their influence was strong enough that the San Antonio Independent School District changed the name of the new facility, located a few blocks east of the King William Historic District, back to Brackenridge High School, (in 1988) and the black poetess' name was (changed) to an institution called Phillis Wheatley Middle School.


The school is named after:

George Washington Brackenridge was born in Warwick County, Indiana, in January of 1832. He attended the University of Indiana, and Harvard University. When his parents came to Texas in 1853, they settled at Texana (now a ghost town) in coastal Jackson County.

From 1857 to 1860 Brackenridge served as a Jackson County surveyor and when the Civil War erupted, he started trading cotton at Matamoros while his three brothers served on active duty with the Confederate Army.

Early in the war Brackenridge claimed Union sympathies and was banished from Texas.. He became United States Treasury agent in July of 1863, and worked in New Orleans after that city was occupied by Federal forces.